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Thanks for taking some time to check us out! The Z1 Production Lab is an art gallery and Pop-up location in St. Paul, Minnesota. We also offer graphic design and web services with a background in merchandising and marketing. We specialize in creative consulting and social media development strategies.

What is The Z1.com?

TheZ1.com digital gallery offers high-quality framed and canvas prints. We also give you the chance to listen to independently created music and look for one of a kind band apparel. Thank you for shopping with TheZ1.com.

Meet The Squad

We developed an art and music media incubation space we call The Z1 Production Lab. We are here to offer you our unique, fun, cultural, and authentic style of brand and promotional services. We are a collective of creatives, entrepreneurs, musicians, philosophers, and lovers of art and life. We develop creative solutions to elevate cultural storytelling and messaging.

Elliot Looney

Owner and creative director for TheZ1 LLC. Elliot specializes in content development, project visualization, and creative collaboration. He has 10-plus years of experience as a full-stack graphic designer and visual artist. He works on meeting a variety of client needs ranging from web development, promotional graphics, SEO management, display & signage graphics, social media development, and a whole lot more.

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Jordan Looney

Business strategy and client development for TheZ1 LLC. Jordan has spent 12 years working in media analytics for multiple Fortune 500 companies and has had a huge impact on what he offers to our clients. Jordan has an eye for new musical and visual art talent and helps them create strategic media development plans. He has been vital to growing partnerships to further build collaborations with other businesses and artists.

The z1 Artwork

TheZ1.com is a digital creative space that offers framed and canvas prints from artist as well as music for the culture. Our goal is to showcase art that sparks meaningful conversation into your life.

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